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To help and support Iranian students and academics residing in Iran and abroad to have access to the necessary resources to be able to perform their research and follow an academic career.

Provide information and guidance to study abroad and help Iranian students to find suitable positions.

Contribute to creating a more ethical Iranian academic environment, prevent the distribution of misinformation and disinformation and act against promoting violence or gender inequality in academia.

Supporting Iranian academics with a remarkable track record and highlighting their academic work in scientific meetings and communities.

Remembering our slain medical students

Ghazaal Amiri

Medical Student - Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Aylar Haghi

Medical Student - Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

There are a number of physicians close to the regime who have sadly forsaken the oath they took when becoming a doctor. We take these matters very seriously and are in the process of gathering evidence, verification and building legal cases against them. The cases include but not limited to:

  1. Spreading misinformation and pseudoscience regarding diseases and means of protection (especially COVID-19 and its vaccines) to their benefit endangering lives of millions in Iran
  2. Denying safe sex protection from the population on the order of the Supreme Leader which is denying protection against STD
  3. Breach of confidentiality of their patients and handing over injured protesters to the authorities.
  4. Using their status to doctor statistics and clinical data
  5. Reporting fellow physicians who have been treating injured protesters
If you have any information or evidence please send them to us via

We are ON to you...

We have reports that several key medical figures within IRI establishment have forsaken their oath.

We take these reports very seriously and are in the process of investigation and gathering evidence.



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