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Berlin, 22 Oct 2022

IIPHA is composed of hard working volunteers who have another day job, and a family to support – just like you. But we cannot operate without your help. There are many ways you can help us such as spreading the word. But specifically you can support us in these three ways:

  1. Becoming a member: Members are essential part of any non-for-profit organization and by paying an annual membership fee and taking part in IIPHA’s general assemblies, enable us to pay for our expenses and influence the direction of IIPHA. Also based on your interests and skills, you can contribute to the works of IIPHA only if would like to, although not necessarily expected. A member would need to be a physician, nurse, pharmacist or any other profession of the Healthcare Providers family.
  2. Becoming a volunteer: If you have our required skills and the time to contribute to the works of IIPHA, you can become a volunteer without having to become a member and pay an annual fee, although making one-off or regular donations are highly appreciated 🙏. After your application, we will review and get back to you based on our priorities and needs.
  3. Becoming an advocate: If you do not have the time to contribute and do not qualify for membership, you can still help us by registering to receive our free Newsletter. And while doing that, you oblige us if you make a one-off or regular donation.



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