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According to the reports of various human rights groups inside and outside Iran, media outlets, and eyewitnesses, at least 30 healthcare professionals and 50 healthcare students have been arrested, interrogated, and in many cases tortured during the current revolution in Iran.

Moreover, at least two medical students and one medical practitioner have been shot dead participating in protests, while another was tortured to death in the custody of the Islamic Republic forces. As such, it is extremely important to advocate for the arrested healthcare practitioners and students and demand their immediate release.

To do so, this task force aims to:

  1. Trace and collect information relevant to the healthcare arrestees
  2. Raise awareness about their conditions on both national and international levels
  3. Find political sponsors for them
  4. Contact relevant healthcare organizations and request support
  5. Assist them morally and legally throughout the legal processes lying ahead

Arrested physicians and health workers

Since the beginning of the current Iranian revolution, countless Iranians have been arrested under false pretenses and accusations and have been subjected to physical and mental torture. So far, many have gone through unfair trials at Islamic Republic courts and have received heavy sentences while being denied access to a lawyer of their choice. Meanwhile, healthcare professionals have not been spared from this cruelty and some even have been targeted by the Islamic Republic judiciary system. In general, healthcare professionals have been arrested due to one of the following reasons over the past four months:

  1. Fulfilling their professional duty, i.e., providing medical services to the injured in medical facilities or during home visits.
  2. Participating in gatherings if front of medical councils, particularly in Tehran, Shiraz, and Mashhad. During these gatherings, healthcare professionals peacefully protested being denied the right to treat the injured and wounded, condemned using ambulances to transport detainees or regime oppressive forces as well as attacking medical facilities and harassment of the medical staff while providing medical services to the wounded.
  3. Refusing to put on mandatory hijab while working in medical facilities (in case of those whose genders were assigned female at birth)
  4. Participating in street protests with the slogan “Women, Life, Freedom” and focused on the demand to change the country’s current political system

Although the Islamic Republic, similar to other dictatorships, refuses to announce the exact statistics of those arrested, injured, and killed, reliable news agencies inside and outside Iran indicate that so far, at least five healthcare professionals have been killed during the current Iranian revolution, as follows: Dr. Aida Rostami (general practitioner), Dr. Parisa Bahmani (surgeon), Mrs. Maedeh Javanfar (nurse), Aylar Haghi (medical student of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences), and Maral Amiri (medical student of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences).

Also, our team has successfully verified the identity of 50 detainees among the medical staff and is closely following their judicial process. These fifty people work in the fields of medicine, nursing, anesthesia, pharmacy, dentistry, occupational therapy, psychology, orthopedics, psychiatry, and radiology. Many of them have been released on bail after a few days to a few months, and are mostly currently awaiting their verdicts. Others are either serving their sentences or waiting to be assigned to courts while remaining in police custody.

So far, the issued sentences include prison, a ban on leaving the country, long-term exile to a city far from the place of residence, a ban on owning or using mobile phones and social media networks, and conducting research based on religious texts and Islamic education. Notably, in one case the (Dr. Hamid Ghareh Hassanlou) execution sentence was initially issued but got revoked after the strong reaction of various medical and political individuals and institutions inside and outside Iran, and the wait for the announcement of the new sentence continues. The table below shows the names of some of the detainees among the healthcare professionals along with some relevant details.

For the names and details of the arrested please visit the link below:

Farzaneh and Hamid Ghareh-Hassanlou. Hamid had been sentenced to death.

Arrested physicians, health workers and students

Since the start of the current Iranian Revolution, numerous Iranians have been arrested on false pretences and accusations and have suffered from physical and mental torture.

To date, numerous individuals have undergone unfair trials in Islamic Republic courts, receiving harsh sentences and being denied access to a lawyer of their choice. Even healthcare professionals have not been exempt from such mistreatment, with some specifically targeted by the Islamic Republic judiciary system

Health Workers

Many physicians and health workers have been arrested for simply doing their job.


Students of Medicine and related have been specifically targeted since they provided care for protesters

Remembering our slain healthcare professionals

Aida Rostami

General Physician - Tehran

Parisa Bahmani

General Surgeon - Zanjan

Maedeh Javanfar

Ramsar - Nurse

There are a number of physicians close to the regime who have sadly forsaken the oath they took when becoming a doctor. We take these matters very seriously and are in the process of gathering evidence, verification and building legal cases against them. The cases include but not limited to:

  1. Spreading misinformation and pseudoscience regarding diseases and means of protection (especially COVID-19 and its vaccines) to their benefit endangering lives of millions in Iran
  2. Denying safe sex protection from the population on the order of the Supreme Leader which is denying protection against STD
  3. Breach of confidentiality of their patients and handing over injured protesters to the authorities.
  4. Using their status to doctor statistics and clinical data
  5. Reporting fellow physicians who have been treating injured protesters
If you have any information or evidence please send them to us via

We are ON to you...

We have reports that several key medical figures within IRI establishment have forsaken their oath.

We take these reports very seriously and are in the process of investigation and gathering evidence.



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